We have a new look!

The past two years have been incredible for Boldt and Co. It has come time to really focus our efforts and the first step was a major rebrand. We’re the same great people (actually there are a couple new faces) with the same great service but now with a new look!

Why has Boldt & Co Rebranded?

Boldt and Co has been using the same branding since 2020 when it came to be, as a one-woman show, and has now outgrown the brand. As we have expanded our client base and our team, a full rebranding was necessary. And thus, ServicePros Business Solutions was born.

What does your new brand mean?

ServicePros Business Solutions branding was not just a new name, new logo and a new website. Our mission, value and goals have shifted as we have grown throughout the years. Our new brand was founded around the idea that many service business owners are excellent at their trade but lack the support and skills in day-to-day business functions to achieve real levels of success.

How did you choose your new name and identity?

While working with our clients and helping them succeed in their service businesses we have found that there were many areas of business that they needed support in. With our amazing network we have expanded our business to help our clients and future clients by providing simple, straightforward solutions that drive their success. 

What’s different about your company now?

We are still committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your specific business needs but we have shifted our focus from a “we help everyone” approach, to dialing in our focus to helping service businesses in the skilled trades, contracting and home services industries. Our team has grown to provide you with even more expert business solutions. 

What can your clients expect after the rebranding process?

Our clients can still expect quality and trustworthy service, but can now appreciate a wider range of business solutions that are tailored to their unique business needs. We hope with our new look and new focus we can help more business owners achieve freedom and success in their businesses.

As we move into the next generation of our brand, we look forward to the next chapter in our relationship with you. 


Becki Boldt

Founder, ServicePros Business Solutions Ltd.

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